What’s Open (and Closed) For Kids this Fall at Telus Spark

A beloved place to spend days during the colder weather in Calgary for our family, the Creative kids Museum at Telus Spark is open for the fall – with a few changes, of course.

What you need to know before you go: 

  1. Second floor galleries are currently closed
  2. Some exhibits may be temporarily closed due to its hands-on nature
  3. Increase in hand washing and hand sanitization stations
  4. Daily toy swap
  5. Masks are required for all guests ages 2+
  6. The CKM Climber will be limited to the number of kids allowed in at once with reduced number of entrances/exits to help maintain capacity within the space

What’s closed in CKM:

Certain areas in CKM are closed due to their hands-on nature. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Toddler Crawl Space
  2. Noodle Jungle in climber
  3. Ball Play Pulley System in climber
  4. Popcorn Sensory Room
  5. Heat Activated Wall Panel
  6. Water fountains

Though certain elements are closed in the Creative Kids Museum, we’re excited to have the opportunity to make use of our annual pass, just in time for the colder days to arrive in Calgary. With hand sanitizer in tow, we’ll be visiting the museum on a regular basis this fall and winter. 

Learn more at www.sparkscience.ca

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