The CHANGE Program is Keeping Calgary Families Active – and it’s FREE this Fall/Winter

Coming into the fall and winter, it can be a bit more difficult to keep up the momentum – and get encouraged to move your body, right? We’ve got a solution to get the whole family involved, in weekly tasks, with virtual get-togethers, and monthly in-person retreat days for families to make new friends.

CHANGE Health Community Program

In partnership with Alberta Blue Cross, CHANGE Health Community Program brings, led by Dr. Doug Klein, a family physician who works with groups of families together to connect, learn and engage in fun activities related to physical activity, nutrition, mental health and social connection.

Encouraging families to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the program is free, and available via online delivery, with opportunities for outdoor, physically distanced meet ups with other families participating, on family retreat days. The program begins on Tuesday October 6th.

What does the program include?

  • Weekly virtual get-togethers with families and a team of health professionals (kinesiologists, dietitians, psychologists, and our program team).
    ● Monthly in-person gatherings and family retreat days that allow for families to meet new friends, and connect with nature in a safe, physically distanced environment
    ● A private online community where families can interact with each other and share tips and tricks to help their families stay healthy
    ● Fun challenges and incentive programs to keep families active, eating healthy and feeling connected to their community
    ● Option to sign up for program boxes provided at no charge to participants that include fresh produce and recipe ideas and fun family activities

How to register for the CHANGE program: email, or visit CHANGE Health Community Program on Facebook, here.

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