November 1-7 is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week – Take this Checklist from ATCO

You know how when you start to spend more time at home, you pick up on those little things that you may not have noticed if you were running at regular capacity, as a full-time driver kids activities, sports and running in and out the door from work and meetings? We had that happen this season, as we try to make our home more functional for the time we’re spending in it.

In addition to function, we also noticed a few safety things that needed replacing – like our carbon monoxide detectors (oops)!


In Alberta, November 1-7 is carbon monoxide awareness week. It’s the perfect time for every parent to educate themselves about the carbon monoxide, and the risks that present themselves in our homes.

Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it’s invisible, silent and odourless. In an enclosed space, such as a home or garage, CO exposure can lead to serious illness or death.

Taking measures to prevent exposure can be simple, but there are often things that get overlooked in our busy lives, like having the furnace and natural gas appliances checked regularly by a qualified technician. You can read more about carbon monoxide prevention in your home and take the checklist, here.

Educating yourself is an important part of the parenting job – and let’s face it, there’s always room to learn. In fact, we learned something last year: It’s recommended to have one carbon monoxide alarm per floor, in the home. If you only have one, it should be placed near the bedrooms. Our sole carbon monoxide alarm was placed on the first level, so we added another to our upstairs – do you have yours upstairs!?

If you haven’t yet installed a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, or you need a second unit, ATCO is providing us with the opportunity to give our readers the chance to win a Carbon Monoxide Detector of your own. Head over to Instagram for your chance to win

Visit to find a checklist and keep everyone you love safe this season. 

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